Just Cruizin Street Machiners Inc

Christmas Light Cruise

Australia Day

Each year just before Christmas we meet at Quambie Park (Waroona's aged care facility) and meet up with a group of residents who are ready and eager to check out the lights on display around town. 

Some residents specifically ask which cars are the fastest as they want to go in those, while others take the bus that a Just Cruizin club member drives around in convoy. 

It's one of the highlights of the year for the residents, and we also use it as an opportunity to choose which display we believe is the best in town. Prizes for the best Christmas light displays are awarded at the Australia Day breakfast. 

  • We join with the local community to celebrate everything Australian and bring style and colour to the parade as it drives around town.

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  • We bring the community together with the help of local volunteers and put on a show that attracts thousands of enthusiasts from far and wide.

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  • We take residents from the local aged care facility on a cruise to check out the incredible light displays around Waroona.

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